Night Fury Dragon 3D Model

This is the first 3d model I have ever made, rigged and animated.
Made in Blender

Night Fury 1440 BG V3D Night Fury 1440 BG2 V3D

Download File Type: Zip
Compressed Size: 18.9MB
Contains: README.TXT, V3D-NFD-V10-Dev3.blend, V3D-NFD-V11-Dev4.blend


V3D-NFD-V10-Dev3.blend Saved with Blender 2.57
V3D-NFD-V11-Dev4.blend Saved with Blender 2.66

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Night Fury V3D Animation
A other animation test with my Night Fury Model.
If you want to see the older videos you can click the YouTube Link at the
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Night Fury - Test flight animation front view.
Night Fury Flight Animation - Work In Progress

Expression Test 1
Animation of Night Fury Dragon Doing Random Emotions - Face Only